Eye of the Dragonlance

              The kingdom of Verallia has known peace for a thousand years, having been discovered as the ideal harbor for transiting goods across both the Habbakuk (god of animal life and the sea) Ocean and the Farrow Sea. Before its era of peace, many fleets and pirates would attempt to conquer the vast island, seeking to control the fertile volcanic soil and harbors. It was these pressures which caused the harbor towns to combine forces and create the capital, Verallia City, in the center of the island continent. From this central location, and large fleet of gunboats, they successfully enforced peace and established trade laws for all commerce passing across the oceans.

              As Verallia grew, so too did its diversity. Soon, the capital became a haven for all manner of travelers. Many were stuck in transit and many had decided to never leave. This created a blend of languages, neighborhoods, and class. Immigrants naturally settled into quarters around the center circle, which held the palace and City Watch headquarters. The Stone Quarter was a haven for Dwarven trade, its quality of jewelry and stone work famous throughout the world. The Canals held the merchant sector, but was more notorious for its Thieves’ Guild. The An’Shie section held the city’s Elven population and magical college. The Goat Locker was the last and least prosperous section of the city, which housed cramped working class ghettos, and was considered the servant section.

              With so much capital flowing in and through Verallia, the festivals to the gods of the Dragonlance realm (pg. 293 PH) became more and more elaborate. Even as the clerics for each of the gods grew in their influence, one remained higher than all others. The Habbakuk Masquerade, which started as a day of animal masks and revelry, became a week of celebration, then a month. The culmination of the ritual was the Tourney, where teams could compete for the prize of all prizes, the Eye of the Dragonlance. Year after year, parties would compete to hold this most precious of treasures, though many competed and won the right to approach the dais, none had been able to lift the giant jeweled eye, though no visible magic held it in place. While this would have normally derailed attempts to compete for the eye, with the high death rate the tourney had, it was offset by the sponsorship and prosperity the act of winning held. Also, there was a winner’s purse which softened the blow of not being able to take the eye.

              The waiting list to enter this competition was years long. Whether you have waited in line patiently, stolen your invitation, or just happened to find a team that needed your assistance, you have arrived on the continent of Verallia with invitation in hand (more details later). It reads:

              Greetings Adventurer,

              By order of the King of Verallia, Lord of Two Oceans, and Keeper of the Eye, and the Seal contained herein, you have the right to enter the Habbakuk Masquerade and take part in the Tourney. The honor alone in these words should humble the most stalwart among you, as failure takes the form of death or shame.

              Arrive at the City Center on the first day of the Habbakuk Masquerade with your Seal in hand or be turned away.

              May the wind follow,

              Daedric Von Casso, Tourney Master

Eye of the Dragonlance

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