Eye of the Dragonlance

Mumet's Musings
These Are Things That Happened

So I'm walking to the tournament, and the line is absolutely preposterous … competitors as far as the eye can see. I thought about using my mage hand to tap people on the shoulder and sneak past everyone, but a little voice whispered in my ear "Why not use it to knock over a stall and distract everyone?" So I did that instead. Unfortunately, the pickings were a little slim as far as the tournament competitors … everyone was rather attached to their possessions for some reason.

I'm minding my own business, and this tiny little dwarf tells me we're need a third competitor, and somehow it's my job to find them. There's only one place to find anyone as far as I'm concerned, and it's a tavern. I found a shady character for our third, luckily, but no one really knows how to pronounce his name. I'm going with "Archie" for now. We made a quick escape back to the tournament and were ready to go.

Our "trial" battle for the first round was … well … it was just awful. You can't imagine the viciousness of the beasts we faced, multi-limbed monstrosities that pinned me where I stood before I could even begin to attack. I fought bravely, killing several with my incredible power and leaving a few leftover monsters of lesser difficulty for my companions. We were told to claim our prize from Daedric (there's something just a bit off about him, isn't there?) but it just seemed shady. Upon entering the chamber, we found an empty suit of armor which came alive as I grasped it, nearly decapitating me with a single blow! I took quick and decisive action, creating a sea of fire between us and the enchantment and leading my team out the door before we could be destroyed.

We've survived our first encounter and are now resting at the tournament competitors' lodging. I'll speak to my companions about our plan moving forward … I'm here to survive, and that may or may not mean continuing with a competition where even the prizes attempt to murder you. If nothing else, they clearly need some guidance considering the odd situation we've found ourselves in. And there's something odd about this tournament …

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