Wood Elf/Rogue/Assassin



Acharnor, (which means Vengeance in the earth world) was given the name by the High Elves as he left Middle Earth after the final defeat of Sauron in the War of the Rings. During the war, he was a respected and often feared Elf who honed his skills in sneak attacks at night, destroying the enemy before they even knew he was there. His skill with a short bow and knives of all kinds is legendary. However, the war changed him and after so much violence and death, like many elves, he sailed into the West to start a new life and try to forget the pain and suffering of so many years.

After months of sailing different ports looking for a place he could feel like he belonged, he landed in the town of Verallia, where he found creatures from all corners of the world. As he toured Verallia, he marveled at the stonework and how the trees intermingled among the structures. It was peaceful and gave him a sense of solitude.

However, after being assaulted one night and almost dying, the memories of his past and who he really was and came back to him. He was not at peace again decided to use the skills he knew best to survive. So he would frequent the gambling halls and tournaments and befriend the wealthy as well as the thieves learning all he could. He used this information and his abilities to understand the secret dialect, jargon, and code of thieves and less desirables to his advantage; relieving them of their undeserving winnings and wealth. Sometimes he had to “eliminate” one of his associates, but to him, that was the cost of doing business.

His life was comfortable now, but he wanted more; more adventure, more challenges with real risk, more wealth, and in his mind, always the hope of finding the “right” woman.


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