Mumed Fishfinder

Half-Elf Bard from the Inner Sea



Found abandoned in a large city along the coast of the Inland Sea, Mumed’s earliest memories were of hunger as he fought for food with the other orphans at the sole, overcrowded orphanage of his home town. When he saw a fellow orphan earn twice as much bread as any other begging boy through a handstand and a witty repartee with his benefactor, Mumed resolved to become the best entertainer there was in the hope that he’d never go hungry again. He practiced the arts of conversation and performance throughout his youth. As soon as he grew enough to join a fishing boat as a deckhand, Mumed began learning the fishing trade on the Inland Sea. He learned all there was to know of the great lake, while hearing tales of far bigger seas where the land could not even contain its boundaries. While a competent seaman, Mumed never became a master fisherman; instead, he supplemented his income through jokes, hustles, and performances each time his ship entered port.

When Mumed’s ship docked at Verallia, he took advantage of his shore leave to set up a street performance and gambling game along one of the main thoroughfares to the town’s tournament grounds. After a particularly lucrative evening separating the wealthy drunks from their excessive collections of cash, Mumed found himself in a high stakes card game against a tournament competitor. Since he’d marked the cards weeks ago, it was no great feat to take his mark’s wealth … and in the pockets of a beautiful vest, Mumed found an invitation to the Habbakuk Masquerade itself.

Since the only stated penalties for failure were “death or shame,” Mumed resolved to use his newfound invitation to enter the tournament. After all, he had no shame, and he could withdraw without any undue suffering once the situation became untenable. In the meantime, he’d keep his eyes, ears, and (especially) hands open. You never knew who you might find at such a well-known tournament, and the opportunities for wealth, women, or really anything to avoid another day on a stinking fishing boat were captivating indeed.

Mumed had two costumes in his kit – One was of a noble aristocrat, and the other the robes of a wizard. Suspecting that magic users might hold a certain mystical cachet with at least a few townsfolk, Mumed dressed in his robes and walked to the tourney grounds, wondering who he might meet and what he might find at the 737th Habbakuk Masquerade.

Mumed Fishfinder

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